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The article Time : 2019-07-15

The pipeline of the pump truck will have different degrees of wear during the process of pumping concrete. The closer to the pump, the greater the pressure of the pipeline and the more serious the pipeline wear.

After the pipe wears, there will be clogging. The most prone to the clogging is the squib. The squib is very dangerous, and the splattered sand is very easy to injure. Therefore, it is very important to use the safety of the concrete pump truck.

When the pipe is cracked, even if it is replaced, the pipe near the discharge port needs to be thicker, which not only ensures the thickness but also prevents accidents.

When we install the concrete pump truck pipeline, in addition to ensuring the normal operation of the equipment, we should shorten the length of the pipeline and make reasonable settings.

The tightness of the pipe of the small pump truck should be good to prevent the pipe plugging phenomenon after the slurry leakage.

The length of the pipe suspension should not be too long. We can use auxiliary tools such as the pipe to support it. The pipe clamp must not be in direct contact with the ground in order to avoid the inconvenience caused during the pipe removal process.we are concrete pump manufacturer.

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concrete pump manufacturer

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