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How to promote the development of industrialization of wear-resistant pump tube construction in China?

The article Time : 2019-07-05

The executive meeting held in September 2016 decided to vigorously develop wear-resistant pump tube assembly-type buildings and promote industrial restructuring and upgrading.

During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, China is in the critical period of ecological civilization construction, new urbanization and the "One Belt, One Road" strategic layout, vigorously develop building industrialization, promote urban construction mode, promote energy conservation and emission reduction in the construction sector, and upgrade urban people. Living in environmental quality and accelerating the upgrading of the construction industry is of great significance and significance.

Under this background, a group of universities, scientific research institutions and key enterprises in the industry represented by Southeast University actively responded and set up a series of organizations to promote the development of industrialization of wear-resistant pump pipe construction in China, such as: relying on the formation of Southeast University The new building industrialization collaborative innovation center, the China Architecture Society Industrialization Building Academic Committee established by the China Electronic Engineering Design Institute, and the China Industrial Building Research Institute's construction industrialization industry technology innovation strategic alliance.

At the same time, the "Twelfth Five-Year" National Science and Technology Support Program, the "13th Five-Year Plan" National Key Research and Development Program, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China have given strong support to the basic theories of building industrialization, key technologies, and demonstration applications.

With the support of all aspects, the research on the industrialized industrial wear-resistant pump tube focuses on the green building design concept, new building materials, structural system, construction and information management, etc., and has achieved a series of innovations, and in the construction of national key projects. It played an important role.we are concrete pump manufacturer.

Summarizing these achievements and publishing the "New Building Industrialization Series" will promote the development of basic theories and technologies of building industrialization, promote the promotion and application of industrialization of buildings, and at the same time, be a solid researcher for the deeper level of industrial standardization of building industrialization. basis.we are concrete pump manufacturer.

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