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Analysis of working principle and characteristics of wear-resistant pump tube

The article Time : 2019-06-27

The types of wear-resistant pump tubes are complex and have a wide variety of specifications. According to its working principle, it can be divided into the following three categories.

1.The vane pump uses the interaction of the vane and liquid to transport liquids, such as centrifugal pumps, mixed flow pumps, axial pumps and vortex pumps.

2.The volumetric pump uses a periodic change in the volume of the working chamber to deliver liquids, such as reciprocating pumps, gear pumps, screw pumps, plunger pumps, and slide pumps.

3.Other types of pumps only change the pump of liquid potential, such as water trucks; pumps that use liquid energy to transport liquids, such as jet pumps, water hammer pumps; in addition to water ring vacuum pumps. In addition to the above basic classification methods, industrial pumps and agricultural pumps can be classified according to their uses.

According to the nature of the transport liquid, it can be divided into clean water pump, sewage pump, oil pump, acid pump, liquid ammonia pump, mud pump and liquid metal pump.

According to the performance, use width and structural characteristics of the wear-resistant pump tube, it can be divided into general pumps and special pumps. According to the working pressure of the wear-resistant pump tube, it can be divided into low-pressure pump, medium-pressure pump, high-pressure pump and ultra-high pressure pump.

In this era of rapid development, the pump tube market belongs to a fast-growing industry, which also makes this industry a strong concern of all walks of life.

The pump tube industry has four major characteristics:

1.The global pump tube market has shrunk severely and steel production has fallen sharply;

2.At present, the pump supply is seriously oversupplied, and the monopoly price of the pump pipe is difficult to sustain;

3.China's pump tubes are generally good, and production remains at a high level;

4.At present, the structural contradiction of our pump tubes is quite prominent. One is that the sheet capacity is relatively surplus, and the other one is relatively backward.

The pipe head of the concrete pump pipe is a specially processed pipe joint that is connected to the pipe body by welding, and the connection of each pipe is connected by a pipe card processed by a precision casting process.we are provide concrete pump pipe and concrete pump reducer pipe,you can know it. 

How to use the concrete wear-resistant pump tube is directly related to the progress and quality of the project. Therefore, the installation and commissioning of the concrete wear-resistant pump tube is very important in the on-site construction. The experience of designing, manufacturing technology and on-site construction of the concrete pump for many years is Make some exhaustive overviews.

1.Place the concrete pump on a solid concrete floor or stone pier first, maintain the degree, and lock the positioning pins and pins of the four legs of the pump to remove the tire from the ground or remove the tire.

2.Make a chute according to the discharge port of the mixing machine and the hopper of the wear-resistant pump pipe machine, so that the material discharged from the mixing machine and the machine can enter the hopper of the pump through the chute.

3.The chute is usually made of angle steel and welded with 1.5mm thick steel plate. The bottom of the chute is supported by a support to make it firm.

4.Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to raise the height of 20CM on the hopper of the wear-resistant pump tube machine, so as to increase the volume of the hopper to ensure that the concrete will not flow out. Because the forced mixing machine and the unloading of the machine are discharged once, the concrete flowing into the hopper is more uniform. If the material is discharged in several stages, there will be more concrete stones in the back, and the pump will be unlucky, especially when the concrete has a large slump. It should be noted that the hopper of the pump should be raised. If it is a large-volume mixing machine, a storage hopper can be made in advance to ensure continuous feeding.

5,in the placement of the chute, the slope is required to be appropriate, the angle of inclination is fortunately between 25 ° -40 °, the drop is not too large.

6.When the chute is connected with the pump hopper, the space left by the chute and the hopper is convenient for cleaning the hopper and the sieve.

7.After the installation is in place, look at the whole, ensure that the cover door of the wear-resistant pump tube is freely opened and convenient for maintenance operation.

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