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How to choose a concrete pump

The article Time : 2019-06-25

When selecting a wear-resistant pump tube, be careful to take a sample first in your place of use. The pump tube life must be monitored after the end of the work cycle. Check the wear pump tube for fatigue to prevent the pump tube from failing. Develop a maintenance and replacement schedule.

Or pumping volume reduced to 50% of the time, test parameters: our pump tube life chart describes the continuous pumping of water at different motor speeds under pressure to make the life of the pump tube. This data is the result of many years of testing the MA STERFLEX peristaltic pump. . The life of the pump tube is determined based on the pump tube failure time. Take the first of both.

Other indicators such as strength, life resistance to fluids, etc. are very good, 1 copper pipe, stainless steel pipe: in addition to poor insulation performance, such pipes should be used as cold water pipes. For hot water transportation, insulation jacket should be added. The connection method is mainly ferrule type, and the copper tube can also be welded.we are provide concrete pump pipe and concrete pump reducer pipe,you can know it. 

It can have sufficient strength, life, insurance and sanitation. All pipes have good thermal insulation performance. Plastic pipes are hot-melt welded, 2 plastic pipes: plastic pipes as long as the data selection meets the scale requirements. The reliability level is high, as long as the construction is correct, the test Pressing the normal pump pipe welds will not cause leakage.

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concrete pump pipe and concrete pump reducer pipe

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