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The pump tube market is in a state of downward rotation

The article Time : 2019-06-13

Due to the relatively high quotation of billets in Northeast China, the south is blocked, so most of the resources are mainly based on local digestion.

The demand for steel in the local market has been tepid, and demand for billets is weak. Fortunately, the pumping resources in the market are limited, the pressure on the manufacturers is not too great, and the price is not likely to fall.

The 20CrMnMo round steel market is in a state of downward rotation. During the week, some steel companies lowered the purchase price of scrap steel, ranging from 20-30 yuan (ton price, the same below). As a result, the scrap market from North China to East China has declined. At this stage, due to most trade The traders did not participate in the trading of the scrap market.we are provide concrete pump pipe and concrete pump reducer pipe,you can know it.

 For this reason, the tradable resources of scrap steel are limited. Although the market price has been lowered, the impact on the overall market is limited, and near the May 1 holiday, individual steel companies have purchased the scrap resources in advance. It is intended that the overall downside of the scrap market will be very limited.

It is expected that the scrap market will return to the consolidation trend in the near future and watch the downstream industry trends. The iron ore market is slightly volatile, and the import mine market is mainly adjusted below.

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