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Concrete Boom Pipe

The article Time : 2019-05-30

I. Action plan

1. Honest cooperation: We uphold the relationship of trust and responsible cooperation.

2, innovation and excellence: we pursue innovation that is valuable to the company and customers, and strive for excellence.

3, customer orientation: We insist on rapid response to meet customer needs.

Second, the code of conduct

1, we continue to learn and enterprising, resolutely put an end to inaction, love to fight and win.

2. We insist on personal interests to obey the overall interests, and individual honors obey the group honors.we are provide concrete pump pipe and concrete pump reducer pipe,you can know it.

3. We encourage courage to take responsibility, actively cooperate, help each other, and grow together.

4. We are close to the market, tap customer needs, respond quickly, and never delay.

5. We ensure product quality and high added value, and let customers use it in the first time.

6. We capture innovative breakthroughs in every detail of our work and continue to improve.

7. Our real job is to think about problems, ask questions, and solve problems.

8, we must do everything in place, do not make excuses, do not push, do not slap, resolutely popular.

9, we save a drop of water, electricity, one liter of oil, one grain.

A dedication to excellence in product performance and customer service has positioned Construction Forms as an industry leader in the U.S. and around the world. 


.Manufactured to meet ASME standards
.ACPA Standard Radio Remote 
.Easy assembly and disassembly for transporting and job site setup
.Concentrated formula saves you money on transportation.
.with the ends having a chrome carbide liner to protect the pipe against excessive wear.
SOLUTION ENGINEERS: We have extensive team of engineers and industry experts with over 80 years of cumulative experience on staff dedicated to the development of your concrete placing plan.
No matter the size or location of the job, our expert engineers deliver unparalleled concrete placing solutions.

concrete pump pipe and concrete pump reducer pipe

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