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What is the model of the pump pump elbow?

The article Time : 2019-05-29

The pump tube elbow is mainly used on the pump truck. It is mainly used to change the direction of the pump tube. It can be divided into pump elbow and ground pump elbow. These two are used on different concrete pumps. .

The model of the ground pump elbow is R1000, R500, R350 and various specifications of 45 °, 30 °, 15 °.

There are many models of pump elbows, such as R275, R190.5, R180 and R240. Different types of pump trucks use elbow models.

How to solve the trachoma in the pump tube

The occurrence of trachoma in the pump tube is easy to cause the tube to burst. At this time, only new ones can be replaced. If the welding is used for a short period of time, the following is the cause of trachoma in the pump tube.

1.The current supplied to the welding torch during the welding process is too small, and the capacitor time is too short. When the capacitor has not been thoroughly welded, the welding surface has hardened, so there are sand particles or bubbles that are not penetrated.we are provide concrete pump pipe and concrete pump reducer pipe,you can know it.

2.When the strip enters the shape of the curved cutter, there is no butt joint, the butt joint of the strip is not tightly jointed, and there is an excessive gap between the butt strips.

3.When the butt welded steel strip was welded, the rust or scale on both sides of the strip was not cleaned in time.

4.The production equipment was not cleaned up in time. Dust or dirt on the workbench, mistakenly dropped into the weld gap of the butt strip.

5.The temperature in the operation workshop is too low or too humid, which affects the temperature and dryness of the solder joint.

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