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How is the pump tube manufacturer performing structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading?

The article Time : 2019-05-24
Wang Liqun, vice president of China Pump and Pipe Industry Association, believes that in 2016, with the slowdown of economic growth, demand is weakening, pump supply exceeds demand more and more, production is in a downward trend; industry benefits are improving, pump and pipe industry chain There is a sign of balanced development; pump management companies are accelerating the implementation of structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading.we are provide concrete pump pipe and concrete pump reducer pipe,you can know it.

Wang Liqun said that China's economy has entered a deep adjustment, pump tubes and pump tubes must adapt to new situations and new changes, and achieve new equilibrium in new environments and new platforms, with appropriate speed, appropriate methods, and higher efficiency. , better quality, continue to maintain a healthy and stable development. Faced with the same external environment, it is impossible for any party in the pump and pipe industry chain to “be independent” for a long time, and industrial chain cooperation is an inevitable trend. Therefore, all stakeholders in the pump and pipe industry should lay down short-term interests, starting from the height of industrial chain construction, and forming a long-term and stable cooperative relationship of real interest sharing and risk sharing with upstream and downstream enterprises.

The production of pump tubes must be strictly controlled before they can be designed and manufactured. Generally, even one stamping technology is required for production. This is a unique place for pump tubes, which is different from the most essential characteristics of ordinary pump tubes.

Our pump and pipe factory always adheres to the path of scientific development, strictly grasps the quality, and strictly carries out management and inspection in actual production, so that the quality of each product must meet the standard!

Stamping is generally carried out under normal temperature conditions, using a stamping die to apply pressure to the material on the pressure device to cause the plastic part to deform or separate to obtain the desired shape and size. Since the object of operation is basically a sheet material, the stamping technique is also part of the sheet forming process.

The company will adhere to the credo of "excellent quality begins with subtlety", comprehensively enhance the management level of the company, and aim at customer satisfaction, and provide more convenient and diversified quality products and services for the majority of Chinese and foreign customers.

The quality of our products is the premise of our development. The credibility of our cooperation makes us take care of your production. Your trust is the cornerstone of our long-term cooperation.

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