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Wear-resistant pump tube manufacturing process

The article Time : 2019-04-22

There are many types of pipeline pumps, including pump wear tubes, thick-wall tubes, pump thin-wall tubes, and many wear-resistant pipeline pumps are also in the category of machining, most of which are stamping methods, forging methods, roll processing methods, rolling. Method, expansion method, stretching method, bending method, combined treatment method.we are provide concrete pump boom pipe and concrete pump reducer pipe,you can know it.

Wear-resistant pump tube processing is an organic combination of machining and metal pressure processing. The description of the wear-resistant pump tube is as follows: Forging method: the end portion or part of the tube of the pump tube is punched and stretched by a die-casting machine to reduce the outer diameter. Commonly used die casting machines include rotary die casting machines, connecting rod die casting machines and roller die casting machines.

Stamping method: On a punch with a tapered core, the tube end is expanded to the desired size and shape. Roller method: The core tube is placed in a tube, and the outer tube is pressed by a roller for processing round edges. Rolling method: Generally, the core rod is not used, and it is suitable for the inner edge of the thick-walled tube.

Bending Forming Method: There are three common methods, one called the stretching method, the other called the stamping method, and the third is the roller method familiar to everyone, with 3 - 4 rolls, two fixed rolls, one adjustment, adjustment The fixed roll distance and the finished pipe are curved.

This method is widely used. If the spiral is manufactured, the curvature will increase. Expansion method: First, the rubber tube is placed on the top of the tube and pressed with a punch to make the tube protrude. Another method is hydraulic bulging, filling the liquid into the middle of the pipe.

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