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concrete pump boom pipe

The article Time : 2019-04-24

In the modernization construction, the concrete pump truck is widely used, and the pumping pump tube and the pump arm tube are severely worn under the high pressure erosion of the gravel and the concrete slurry, and the replacement is frequent, resulting in high operating cost and pumping operation personnel. Deeply suffering from it.we are provide concrete pump boom pipe and concrete pump reducer pipe,you can know it.

Therefore, finding an economically viable material and greatly extending the service life of the wear parts is of great significance for improving equipment production efficiency, reducing production costs, and saving resources.

After years of painstaking research, Jingcheng has many performance advantages in practical applications: 1. Super wear resistance, which is 10 times longer than ordinary pipelines;

2.Super impact resistance;

3.Light weight, quick and convenient installation;

4.Reduce the frequency of repairs and replacements;

5.Good compression resistance, safe and reliable;

6.The inner wall is smooth and does not block the material;

7.Excellent value for money.

With high quality innovative products, reasonable price, perfect after-sales and good reputation, Shuobao has won recognition and praise from tens of millions of customers all over the world. We adhere to the enterprise spirit of “excellence and excellence” and “the equipment you trust to wear. "Expert" business philosophy, is working hard to advance to the world's professional equipment anti-wear companies.

concrete pump boom pipe and concrete pump reducer pipe

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