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China Concrete Boom Pipe

The article Time : 2019-06-04

Concrete Boom Pipe

The abbreviation of Concrete pumppipe is called pump tube because it is called tóng. It is easy to understand that the pump tube is a new type of construction engineering accessory product that appears at the same time as the concrete pump. The appearance of the pump tube greatly improves the efficiency of the construction. 

It requires a manual barrel or a crane or a crane. The operation of the bucket was changed to quickly transport the concrete to the place where it was poured, which increased the construction efficiency by nearly a hundred times.we are provide concrete pump pipe and concrete pump reducer pipe,you can know it.

Pump tubes are generally divided into three types, 125 and 150 and 80, and each of them has a high pressure and a low pressure. The low pressure model weld flange of the 125 type pump tube is Φ148mm, the high pressure tube weld flange is Φ157mm; the low pressure type of the 150 type pump tube is the pipe with the outer diameter of Φ159, and the high pressure is the pipe with the outer diameter of Φ168.

The pipe head of the pump tube is a specially processed pipe joint that is connected to the pipe body by welding, and the connection of each pipe is connected by a pipe card processed by a precision casting process.

According to the scope of use, the pump tube is divided into two types: the pump tube and the ground pump tube. The pump tube includes the boom tube, the hinge elbow, the reducer and the elbow, and is cast from cast steel. The straight tube material is 45mn2. The ground pump tube is made of ordinary 20# carbon steel, which is processed by fluid tube or straight seam tube.

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