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Concrete pump pipe shock absorption measures

The article Time : 2018-12-10

Concrete pump pipe is connected by many pipes, when the work will occur vibration, if no measures will lead to pipe burst, and even damage the floor, so concrete pump pipe shock absorption is very necessary.
At present, the most common shock-absorbing measure is to fix the pipe.We are provide concrete twin wall pipe and concrete bend pipe,you can buy it.
In the construction process of construction projects, most of the time it is necessary to use pump pipes for concrete pumping. There are several commonly used pump pipe support and shock absorption methods:
One is in the shape of the steel mat old tires;
Second, the production of simple steel support will be high pump pipe frame;
Third, set up steel pipe bracket,

All three methods can reduce the vibration of the pump pipe to a certain extent on the impact of formed steel bars and support frame. However, the local force imbalance, pump pipe reinforcement is not in place and other defects can not meet the concrete pouring stage of the construction site safety needs.

concrete twin wall pipe

How to choose the pump pipe manufacturer
I. observe its production scale and average sales volume. Due to good reputation, the sales volume of the manufacturer is relatively good. Therefore, in order to better serve customers and expand sales volume, the scale of the factory is generally relatively large, so as to ensure timely supply to customers without affecting the construction period.
Ii. Whether the contract should be carefully considered and standardized when it is signed. Good reputation pump pipe manufacturers, in order to ensure their brand effect and company reputation, to prevent the production of pump pipe products do not meet the needs of customers, when signing the contract they will take the trouble to ask customers carefully about the requirements of the product, and indicate on the contract. In the supply term will be accurate on a certain day in the morning or afternoon.
Iii. After signing the contract and receiving the deposit, I can timely report the production situation and construction period, and inform the customer in advance and actively negotiate with him in case of any special circumstances.
Iv. After the performance of the contract, I will actively issue the required material sheet and invoice to the customer, actively visit the customer, patiently answer all the questions of the customer, and inquire about the customer's opinions on the product and actively correct them.
Above is the evaluation of pump pipe manufacturers credibility of some views. Please refer to the rough introduction.

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