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How to choose the pump pipe manufacturer

The article Time : 2018-12-10

As is known to all, when most buyers purchase pump pipes, they first look at the product price, then the company's reputation, and finally wait for the goods to come out before they see the quality of the products. However, we all know that in the mixed market environment, there are many cases of good impact, including many small pump pipe manufacturers. However, when the products are produced, it is too late to find problems with the goods, resulting in the loss of the final merchants. Even if negotiations are made, it is better late than never.We are provide concrete twin wall pipe and concrete bend pipe,you can buy it.
If the selected cooperation pump pipe manufacturers good reputation, it will greatly avoid the occurrence of the above situation. How to evaluate the reputation index of pump pipe manufacturer, need careful observation and cool head, the following are a few points of view, please refer to.
1. When cooperating with pump pipe manufacturers, we should see whether their production qualifications are complete. Because if a fully qualified manufacturer needs the approval and product inspection of many departments, the process will go through very tedious and demanding requirements.

concrete twin wall pipe

Ii. Observe its certificates of honor and construction cases. Generally good reputation pump pipe manufacturers will have their own publicity album, and the album will have a specific certificate of honor and construction cases. Good reputation pump pipe manufacturers, their reputation is accumulated over the years, they sell pump pipe at the same time pay more attention to customer opinions, because this directly affects their brand effect, good reputation pump pipe manufacturers pay the most attention to their own brand image, corporate image, customer satisfaction degree.
How does pump pipe have trachoma to solve
Trachoma in the pump pipe is easy to cause explosion, so it can only be replaced with a new one at this time. If it is used for a short time, it can be welded. The reasons for trachoma in the pump pipe are as follows.
1. The current supplied to the welding gun in the welding process is too small, the capacitor time is too short, and the welding surface has hardened before the capacitor has been thoroughly welded, so there are sand particles or bubbles that have not been thoroughly welded.
2. When the strip entered the curve of curved knife shape adjustment, there was no good butt joint between the strip and the strip, and there was too much gap between the butt strip and the strip.
3. When butt welding strip steel, rust marks or oxide scales on both sides of strip steel are not cleaned in time.
4. The production equipment was not repaired and cleaned in time. Dust or dirt on the work table is mistakenly dropped into the welding gap of the butt strip steel.
5. The temperature of the operating workshop is too low or too wet, which affects the temperature and dryness of the welding point.

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