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What types of companies usually order wear plates?

The article Time : 2018-12-07

Any company that has equipment with components that slide against each other or that are exposed to abrasive or corrosive materials or impact damage such as steel mills, pipe mills, aluminum mills, chemical companies, mining, military, etc.we are wear plate manufacturer.

Wear Plate Manufacturer

Are there different types of wear plates?

Yes, wear plates and liners can be made from many different materials: C954 Aluminum Bronze, 4140QT, 4340QT, AR400, and AR500 are very common.

How are wear plates used?

Wear plates or liners are used to prevent damage to the main machinery due to abrasion or impact and to increase the life of the machine.

Wear Plate Manufacturer

Examples of machines or components that might require wear plates or liners are:



Casting Equipment

Steel and Aluminum Mill Equipment

Heavy Earth Moving and Mining Equipment.

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