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The price of concrete pump tubes is controlled by market demand

The article Time : 2019-03-03

Recently, the price of concrete pump pipes has been declining, and many steel pipe plants have begun to take holidays. The inventory of concrete pump tubes began to accumulate. When the New Year is over, how can this happen? In fact, the general market demand and supply of concrete pump tubes are too single.we are provide concrete pump bend pipe ,you can know it.

Mainly because the construction industry needs more concrete pump tubes, but as the construction industry began to stop working, the concrete pump tubes began to fall into a crisis of low demand. Therefore, this is also the main reason for the backlog of concrete pump tube inventory.

So how do we do this? Before we solve the problem, let us first understand the problem and look at the specific problem!

First, the price of domestic concrete pump tubes has been controlled by market demand. The price of concrete pump tubes has only slightly increased, and the demand for the market has suddenly faded. As the concrete pump tube rises, the market will wait and see.

This is the dilemma that the domestic spot concrete pump tube is difficult to get rid of the price and demand. According to the latest data released by the concrete pump and pipe factory, the daily output of concrete pump pipes nationwide was 1.955 million tons, down 3.1% from the previous month.

According to data released by the National Development and Reform Commission, the domestic concrete pump pipe industry achieved a profit of 120.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.4%. Relevant analysts believe that the current situation of the concrete pump pipe industry is that although the supply is loose, it is still at a high level; although the industry profit margin is at the end of the industrial sector, the profit margin still exists.

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