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china concrete pump

The article Time : 2019-04-14

The pump tube is a very easy to damage pipe fitting. If some of the pump tubes are damaged after replacement, let us introduce the precautions when replacing.

1. Make a chute according to the discharge port of the mixing machine and the hopper of the pump tube machine, so that the material discharged from the mixing machine and the machine can enter the hopper of the pump through the chute.we are provide concrete pump,we can guarantee the quality of concrete pump,you can know it.

2. In the placement of the chute, the slope is required to be appropriate, and the inclination angle is between 25° and 40°, and the drop is not too large.

3. When the chute is connected with the pump hopper, the chute and the hopper should have a certain space to facilitate cleaning the hopper and the sieve.

4. First place the concrete pump on a solid concrete floor or stone pier to maintain the degree, and lock the positioning pins of the four legs of the pump and the safety pin to remove the tire from the ground or remove the tire.

5. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to raise the height of 20CM on the hopper of the pump tube machine, so as to increase the volume of the hopper to ensure that the concrete will not flow out. Because the forced mixing machine and the unloading of the machine are discharged once, the concrete flowing into the hopper is more uniform. If the concrete is discharged in several stages, there will be more concrete stones coming out, and the pumping is unlucky, especially when the slump of the concrete is large, it should be noted that the hopper of the pump should be raised. If it is a large-volume mixing machine, a storage hopper can be made in advance to ensure continuous feeding.

6. The chute is usually made of angle steel and welded with 1.5mm thick steel plate. The bottom of the chute is supported by a support to make it firm.

What should be paid attention to when replacing small pump trucks?

The small pump truck is simple in structure, small in size and unconstrained in space, making it ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises.

However, we found that many users often do not understand the internal structure of the pump and the unreasonable operation when using the pump, and the pump block is often blocked or worn.

When the pipeline wears too much, we need to replace the existing pipeline. So, what problems should we pay attention to when replacing the pipeline?

It is recommended to use original pipes: there are thousands of types of pipes on the market, and the quality varies widely. In addition, some unscrupulous companies will exaggerate the pressure limit they can withstand in order to obtain violence, and sell low-pressure pipes as high-pressure pipes.

During the operation of the pumping truck, once the pressure exceeds the limit of the pipeline, there may be dangerous situations such as bursting. The original piping is not only able to ensure the safety of the production operation, because the pumping pressure is more compatible with the optimal pressure of the pipe diameter, so it can effectively prevent the pipe blocking phenomenon.

In addition, when using the new tube to output materials for the first time, you must not “fill a meal with a meal” and fill the tube from start to finish. In the first 3000 squares of the comparison output, the pipeline can be reserved, and when it is adapted, it can be fully output.

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