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China Concrete pump Twin Elbow Suppliers

The article Time : 2019-03-10

Now we have developed a double-layer wear-resistant tube. This product has high technical content and advanced technology. The outer layer is a tough protective layer.

The inner layer is a high anti-wear material. It is an alternative upgrade product for ordinary concrete conveying pipelines.

Its service life is 4-5 times the ordinary wear-resistant pipe. The emergence of this product has ended the long-term dependence on imports.we are provide concrete pump twin elbow,you can know it.

product structure:
1. Inner rubber: Polyurethane and butyl rubber are used as the main raw materials, and special reinforcing agent is added to make the rubber compound. The inner rubber color of the finished product is black and transparent. It has the characteristics of high wear resistance, high toughness, high pressure resistance and smoothness. The elbow pump elbow is 275*90 degrees, which can resist the friction of concrete. The inner rubber layer has the pressure of the conveying medium. Protect the steel wire from erosion.
2, reinforcement layer: 4 layers of steel wire winding, special copper wire braided with copper-plated hose, withstand the working pressure is 3-4 times that of ordinary hose, with high pressure resistance, superior flexural resistance, and enhance.
3, external glue: black, smooth (surface cloth), SBR / NR compound, anti-aging, wear-resistant.
Applicable to: high-rise buildings, highways, tunnels, water conservancy projects, nuclear power plants and other construction machinery, concrete pump trucks and so on.

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concrete pump twin elbow

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