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concrete pump pipe supplier

The article Time : 2019-03-17

Nowadays, the concrete pump tube wear-resistant pump tube belongs to a high-speed development industry, low-pressure pump tube, how is the market?we are concrete pump pipe supplier and the best concrete pump pipe supplier,you can know it.

In the era of rapid development, the low-pressure pump tube market belongs to a fast-growing industry, which also makes this industry a strong concern of all walks of life. The global low-pressure pump tube industry has four major characteristics:

--- A global pump tube market has shrunk severely, pumping pipe manufacturing, steel production has fallen sharply;

Secondly, the current supply of low-pressure pump tubes is seriously oversupplied, and the monopoly price of low-pressure pump tubes is difficult to sustain;

The third feature is that China's low-pressure pump tubes are generally good, and production remains at a high level;

Fourthly, the structural contradiction of our low-pressure pump tubes is quite prominent. One is that the sheet capacity is relatively surplus, and the other one is relatively backward.

The low pressure pump tube is also a kind of pipe fittings exported from China. The United States has long been a major exporter, with 65% of its pipeline exports to China, accounting for a significant share of the US import market.

The United States initiated anti-dumping and anti-subsidy applications for oil export pipelines and pipe industries. Russian pipeline company has imported anti-dumping of nickel-containing stainless steel pipe from China, low-pressure pump pipe, and the European Union initiated an investigation to make a preliminary ruling. This week, China's seamless steel pipe exports to the EU for dumping.

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concrete pump pipe supplier

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