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Importance of wear-resistant pump tube installation

The article Time : 2019-03-17

Importance of wear-resistant pump tube installation

How to use the concrete wear-resistant pump tube is directly related to the progress and quality of the project. Therefore, the installation and commissioning of the concrete wear-resistant pump tube is very important in the on-site construction.we are concrete pump pipe supplier and the best concrete pump pipe supplier,you can know it.

The experience of designing, manufacturing technology and on-site construction of the concrete pump for many years is Make some exhaustive overviews.

1. Place the concrete pump on a solid concrete floor or stone pier, maintain the degree, and lock the positioning pins and pins of the four legs of the pump to remove the tire from the ground or remove the tire.

2. Make a chute according to the discharge port of the mixing machine and the hopper of the wear-resistant pump pipe machine, so that the material discharged from the mixing machine and the machine can enter the hopper of the pump through the chute.

3. The chute is usually made of angle steel and welded with 1.5mm thick steel plate. The bottom of the chute is supported by a support to make it firm.

Wear-resistant pump tube processing method

The pump tube is a commonly used conveying equipment in the construction. The manufacturing of the wear-resistant pump tube mainly includes stamping, forging, stretching, and the like.

Most enterprises in Zhangzhou area adopt the stamping method. This method is relatively simple. The straight seam steel pipe is cut according to the regulations, and then the straight pipe section that has been cut is processed, anti-corrosive, and then the two ends of the straight pipe section are welded and sealed. Then, the grinding, pressing and other processes are carried out, so that a comparative pump tube is completed.

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