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The article Time : 2019-03-24

The concrete pipe of the concrete pump truck is also called the size head. The diameters of the nozzles at both ends are different.

The nozzles at both ends of the concentric reducer are centered on the same axis. When the diameter is reduced, the position of the tube is calculated by the axis, and the position of the tube is constant. Generally, it is used for gas or vertical liquid pipe diameter reduction. The eccentric reducer is internally cut at the ends of the nozzle, and is generally used for horizontal liquid pipes.
When the nozzle of the eccentric reducer is cut upward, it is called top flat installation. It is generally used for the pump inlet, which is good for exhausting. The cut point is down to the bottom. It is generally used for the installation of the regulating valve. The concentric reducer facilitates fluid flow and has less interference with the fluid flow regime when the diameter is reduced, so the gas and the vertically flowing liquid conduit use concentric reducer diameter reduction.
Because the eccentric reducer is flat on one side, it is good for exhausting or draining, which is convenient for driving and overhauling. Therefore, horizontally installed liquid pipes generally use eccentric reducers.
The transportation of pulverized coal, ash, mud, lime gypsum slurry, etc. in the metallurgical and electric power industries requires a large amount of metal pipes to be consumed each year.
Failure to rinse with high-pressure water in time caused the concrete to remain in the S-tube, which gradually thickened over time and accumulated and consolidated, causing blockage.
Remedy: After pumping concrete, be sure to rinse the pump and S tube with high pressure water. When the flushing is ineffective, a tapping can be used to remove the residue until it is completely clean. Phenomenon: When the conveying pressure is gradually increased, and the material level of the hopper does not fall, the outlet of the pipe does not discharge, the pump vibrates, and the pipeline is accompanied by strong vibration and displacement, it can be judged that the pipe is blocked. Judgment of the blockage: Blockage generally occurs in bends, cones, and areas with vibration. At this point, you can use a small hammer to tap along the pipeline, the sound is dull at the blockage; the sound is crisp and normal.
Listening with the ear, there is a rustling sound as normal, and a harsh sound is a blockage. Under normal conditions, the concrete forms a columnar fluid in the center of the pumping pipe and flows in a suspended state. The fluid surface is covered with a layer of cement slurry which acts as a lubricant in contact with the tube wall.
How to choose a better-quality wear-resistant pump tube wear-resistant pump tube plays an indispensable part in engineering construction. How to choose high-quality wear-resistant pump tube brings great confusion to customers, wear-resistant pump tube is consumed. According to the model of the conveying product, the wear-resistant pump tube plays an indispensable part in the construction of the project.
How to choose high-quality wear-resistant pump tube to bring great confusion to our customers, wear-resistant pump tube is a consumable item, according to the model of the delivery product, the size of the flow resistance that is sent, as a reference, many pump tubes on the market There are also many high-strength wear-resistant pump tubes, some of which are high-Mn content in the material of the pump tube raw materials, and double-layer wear-resistant pump tubes used in the market in recent years. The quality of the pump tube directly affects the customer. Cost, and construction safety.
Take a pump tube to do the experiment, see if he has any obvious good or bad in the use of the cycle, the wear layer wear, do not use the new pump tube, if the quality problems will bring great losses to the customer.

concrete bend pipe

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