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The article Time : 2019-03-24

The wear-resistant pump tube is also called the pump arm tube tube, the pump truck wear tube, the automobile pump tube, and is mounted on the pump truck arm frame, through which the concrete is conveyed to a certain height and distance.we are provide concrete bend pipe,you can know it.we can guarantee the quality of concrete bend pipe.
The wear-resistant pump tube is welded with alloy steel tube. After high-temperature quenching treatment, the wear-resistant pump tube inner wall forms a wear-resistant layer of 2.0mm. The wear-resistant layer has a hardness of more than HRC60. The two ends are welded with a standard 125A flange, and the hardness is more than 60. Wear-resistant sleeves, the amount of concrete conveyed.
Tips: When the concrete conveying capacity reaches 10,000 square meters, please rotate the pump tube 180° to make the wear-resistant pump tube wear evenly.
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concrete bend pipe

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