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Choose double wall corrugated pipe or cement pipe

The article Time : 2018-11-19

Choose double wall corrugated pipe or cement pipe

Many consumers have been struggling to choose between a double-wall corrugated pipe and a cement pipe.

Plastic buried drainage pipes belong to "flexible pipe", that is, before the failure can have large deformation. And the concrete drain pipe belongs to "rigid pipe", that is, it is impossible to have big deformation before breaking. When buried under the ground to bear external pressure load, the mechanism of "flexible pipe" and "rigid pipe" is completely different.

1. Comparison of service life and corrosion resistance: ordinary reinforced concrete pipes generally have a service life of 20-25 years, while corrugated pipes have a service life of more than 50 years. In the maintenance management, due to the smooth walls, less pollution, and corrosion resistance, wear resistance and durability, the cost of maintenance management is also reduced.


2. Comparison of sealing and maintenance: in terms of pipe tightness, the plastic pipe itself will not leak, and the length of pipe is long with few joints; In addition, rubber ring socket connection, flexible interface, good sealing performance, strong resistance to non-uniform settlement, can adapt to large Angle changes, so its leakage is far lower than that of concrete pipe, even can achieve zero leakage. The leakage of concrete pipe is usually considered as 10% of displacement when the pipe is designed. If the underground water level is lower than the bottom of the pipe, the water in the pipe will leak out and pollute the groundwater, causing secondary pollution. If the underground water level is higher than the bottom of the pipe, the underground water will leak inward and increase the displacement of the pipe. When the sewage pipe is connected to the sewage treatment plant, the sewage treatment water of the sewage treatment plant will increase and increase the cost of sewage treatment. In addition, there is also the problem of sinking cement pipe in the quicksand area, which is easy to cause abnormal injury accidents such as soil erosion and pipe sinking and blockage. The annual cost of repairing the cement pipe in Shanghai area alone is more than 10 million yuan.

Before the emergence of double-wall corrugated pipe, most of China's drainage projects adopted concrete pipe. With the advantages of double-wall corrugated pipe gradually developed, it gradually replaced the position of concrete pipe in the field of architecture. Then what is the obvious difference between the two kinds of pipe materials? In the following, we will analyze and compare the specific performance and construction process of two kinds of pipes. First of all, on the performance of strength, the two have almost opposite performance. Since the concrete pipe is mainly made of concrete, it is very hard in texture and has a good bearing capacity, so it is a kind of rigid pipe with strong independence. And double-wall corrugated pipe know with the aid of outside force to bear the huge pressure, although it is a kind of flexible pipe, but when the density of backfill soil reaches a certain amount of time, will be a good combination with backfill soil, make both as an organic whole, the backfill soil will help double-wall corrugated pipe pressure, because quality is RuanXingHua, so although much pressure is backfill soil, but still the lateral deformation happens, then compacted backfill fully encirclement of double-wall corrugated pipe, in the play the role of support at the same time, also stop the double-wall corrugated pipe deformation.

One, shorten construction period and narrow construction difficulty greatly

Because the quality of HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe is much lighter than that of cement pipe, it is very easy to be inserted, so the construction difficulty is greatly reduced. In addition, HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe is 6 meters shorter, while the cement pipe is 2.5 meters shorter, greatly shortening the construction period.

2. The requirements of HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe on the bottom of the ditch are not high. As the cement pipe is a steel pipe, the bottom of the ditch must be treated with levelness to ensure the effect of bearing and inserting. HDPE double - wall corrugated pipe is flexible pipe.

The elongation of HDPE pipe is more than 20 times of that of steel pipe and 6 times and a half times of that of PVC. However, its elongation at break is very high and its extensibility is very strong. This means that when the earth's crust changes during a subsidence or seismic event, the HDPE tube can produce resistant deformation without breaking. This is much better than steel pipe and PVC pipe with obvious brittleness. This performance has been proved both at home and abroad. HDPE tube in the south of the earthquake in baoshan is proof.

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