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Do you really know how long the concrete pump is used?

The article Time : 2018-12-23

About the service life of concrete pumps is a question that every customer who plans to buy concrete pumps will ask. In general, the normal service life of concrete pumps is 7-8 years. Of course, if the concrete pump is regularly maintained, the life of the concrete pump will be longer. That is also reasonable. In order to improve the service life of concrete pumps, how to carry out maintenance?Our company is concrete pump parts sellers and can provide concrete delivery pipe,you can buy it.

concrete pump parts sellers

In order to ensure the service life of the equipment, the original spare parts produced by the mechanical company should be used. Unsuitable accessories may cause the equipment to wear more. The optimum ambient temperature for concrete pump operation is -5~45°C. When the ambient temperature exceeds 45°C or below -5°C, please contact professional after-sales service personnel to agree on specific maintenance issues. Concrete pumps are only used to agitate and pump pumpable concrete and cannot be used to mix and transport other materials. When it is necessary to stir and transport other materials, it is necessary to negotiate with the machine beforehand and take necessary measures before attempting. Concrete pumps are strictly prohibited for use on slopes, high voltages, flammable, explosive, and any other hazardous environment. Any modifications and additions to the machine that may affect safety are prohibited without approval.

concrete pump parts sellers

Small tricks for solving the problem of the reversing valve of concrete pump truck

 Concrete pump truck construction at the construction site, harsh environment and long-term operation of the machine, some components are prone to failure, concrete pump truck reversing valve has failed, how should we solve it?

1. Reasons for leakage of concrete valve truck dry valve push rod:

b. The back pressure of the drain chamber at both ends of the solenoid valve is too large and leaks oil to the push rod.

Processing method:

a. Replace the new seal. Check if the back pressure is too high, then separately return to the tank.

1. The pumping flow of the concrete pump truck becomes smaller.

The reversing valve push rod will wear out due to long-term impact, the armature contact point will be worn, and the spool stroke will be insufficient, resulting in a small opening and flow.

Treatment: Replace the push rod or electromagnet.

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