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Production requirements and mechanical properties of elbow

The article Time : 2019-02-25

In the process of using traditional technology to produce its elbow, in order to have better product surface quality, there are many ways to use the process sink, such as using advanced elbow bender or using high strength dies, lubricating oil and so on.we are provide concrete pump twin elbow,you can know it.

If the bend pipe is made with its advanced processing equipment or die with high strength, the investment of the enterprise will be relatively large. Only by choosing its lubricating products can the cost of use be effectively reduced, and then the product quality requirements of the enterprise can be achieved relatively quickly.
In the traditional process of production, its elbow lubrication can meet the requirements of elbow quality in elbow production, but the disadvantage of oil-based pipe lubrication product is that it is not easy to clean, which directly causes serious environmental pollution and needs to be eliminated by means of methods.
In order to effectively meet the quality requirements of elbow products, effectively reduce or even avoid the environmental problems and pay the material and financial resources, its wash-free direct welding characteristics, greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality of enterprises.
The mechanical properties and wall thickness of elbow in bending process will directly affect the quality and use of the product, so the processing technology is very important.
The products are widely used in chemical industry, electric power, petroleum and other industries.
Nowadays, there are many processing materials for elbow, such as cast steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and so on. The structure of the product is finished by bending die and guiding die, and the two moulds are connected with each other.
At the same time, we constantly provide the production technology of products, constantly strengthen and improve the quality assurance system of products in the production process, strictly check every link in the production process, and carry out strict quality inspection on every product produced, so as to ensure the quality of products, so as to ensure that customers have no return sales records.
The company can also process and manufacture according to the special requirements provided by users to ensure product quality, service quality and customer satisfaction. Our service tenet is to survive by reputation, compete by quality, exchange cooperation by sincerity and develop by benefit.
 Adhere to people-oriented management, customer-oriented service, standardized management.
All the staff of the company are brave in exploring, uniting, forging ahead, striving diligently, seizing the good situation of economic development and the opportunity of Western development, actively strengthening exchanges with colleagues and advancing with the times, striding towards a new course! Adhering to the management concept of quality first, service first; actively enterprising, united and effective, professional and pragmatic enterprise spirit; using brand to occupy the market, using the truth Sincerely serve customers.

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