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The article Time : 2019-02-17

How to Select Parts of Concrete Mixing Pump

1. Check the label on the product

Pure imported parts are printed with brand marks, part numbers and specific codes, and some products are engraved with the origin.

2. Appearance identification

It depends on whether the surface of the product is processed fine and the color is normal.we are concrete pump elbow manufacturer.

If there is a sample of pure parts, it can be checked by comparison. Generally, the surface of the imitation is rough and the color of the product is not correct.

3. The size of the product can be measured by special tools to see if it meets the requirements.

4. Identify the same accessories from the price

The prices of pure parts, professional parts, domestic parts and imitations vary greatly.

Generally, the price of pure parts can be many times higher than that of counterfeit parts, while the OEM parts are slightly lower than that of pure parts of the whole machine factory.

If the price is much lower than the regular price, it is usually not genuine.

5. Performance testing of products

Some parts can not distinguish the true from the false only from the appearance test, so they need to be tested by special instruments. For example, the injector and plunger can be tested on the performance test bench to test their injection pressure, injection volume, injection angle, etc. The inferior products can not meet the relevant standards.

Preparations for concrete construction

1.Application for concrete pouring: Contact the mixing station well in advance to determine the concrete supply time, departure interval and departure quantity.

Before pouring concrete,the Commission and application for commercial concrete should be handled with the mixing station in advance. The contents of the Commission list include: concrete strength grade, volume, slump, initial setting and final setting time, whether to add additives and pouring time, etc.

2.Machinery and personnel: Construction equipment, personnel, water and electricity are well prepared, while equipped with an electrician ready to repair the faulty machinery at any time.

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