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Concrete pump Elbow Suppliers

The article Time : 2019-02-17

Compared with solid steel such as round steel, concrete pipe of ground pump elbow with 90 degree high pressure is lighter in weight when bending and torsion strength are the same. It is an economic section pipe fittings. Ground pump elbow is widely used to manufacture structural parts and mechanical parts.we are concrete pump elbow suppliers.

Comparisons between ground pump pipe and truck pump pipe.

90 degree high pressure ground pump elbow, therefore, should only refer to pump pipe, ground pump elbow rather than general pipe and related substances chemical compatibility level 90 degree high pressure ground pump elbow, otherwise it will cause pump pipe failure or damage crack leakage, 90 degree high pressure ground pump elbow cause pump damage or dangerous accident.

But in the traditional production process, the oil-based elbow lubrication products can meet the quality requirements of enterprises in elbow production.

The oil-based elbow lubrication products are wholesale, but the difficulty of wholesale cleaning of oil-based elbow lubrication products and the pollution to the environment are very prominent. Therefore, enterprises must adopt more means to eliminate the oil-based elbow lubrication products.

The influence of wholesale products of base elbow lubricated ground pump elbow on the final product quality, for which ground pump elbow invests more energy and capital.


The inner layer is super-strong and wear-resistant, the protective layer is explosion-proof and super-safe, and the shock absorber can effectively absorb the impact force from inside and outside the tube.

Concrete cast steel elbows, however, are produced in small quantities, with thick or thin walls in some specifications.

Concrete cast steel elbows are still in use when special requirements arise.

The elbow is stamped by tube billet with the same outer diameter as elbow, and various types of concrete cast steel elbows are directly formed by press in the die. The inner surface of seamless steel tube is smooth and never corroded, nor does it exist like convex helix on the inner surface of seamless steel tube. Various types of concrete cast steel elbows have been tested for their inner surface roughness and water resistance characteristics by relevant testing units.

The wear of industrial elbows has always been a factor affecting safe and civilized production.

With the continuous development of science and technology, materials have been innovating. Cast stone, cast steel, alloy, centrifugal casting composite ceramics and other materials have appeared one after another.

Among them, pipeline lined alumina ceramics, with its high wear resistance, high hardness, oxidation resistance, good corrosion resistance and extremely high resistance to high and low temperature strength, have become one of the most widely used wear-resistant materials, occupying about 80% of the world market share of special ceramics (wear-resistant materials).

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