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What are the causes of blockage caused by concrete pumping

The article Time : 2019-02-11

Everyone who has used the concrete pump knows that the phenomenon of gambling pipe will inevitably occur in the use process, but in fact these are avoidable. As long as the operation is serious and responsible according to the regulations, the material should not be too bad, and generally there will be no gambling pipe situation. So, what are the causes of gambling management? Chinese style.

1. improper operation, operator's energy is not concentrated, always pay attention to the reading of the pump pressure gauge, once the pressure gauge reading suddenly increases, should immediately reverse pump 2-3 journeys, and then correct the pump.we are provide concrete pump delivery pipe,you can know it.

If the anti-pump has been carried out (positive pump several operations go wrong, still not excluding the gambling pipe, it is necessary to immediately remove the pipe cleaning, otherwise the gambling pipe will be more serious.

sImproper selection of pumping speed: when the first pumping, due to the greater resistance of the pipeline, low-speed pumping should be adopted at this time. After normal pumping, the pumping speed can be properly increased.

When the signs of gambling pipes or the concrete collapse of a vehicle is small, low-speed pumping should be adopted. When pumping, the operator must observe the surplus material in the hopper at any time. The surplus material should not be lower than the mixing shaft. The surplus material is too little, which is easy to inhale air, resulting in the gambling pipe. At the same time, the surplus material should not be stacked too much and should be lower than the protective fence.

When the concrete collapse is small and cannot be pumped, the concrete should be released from the bottom of the hopper in time.

If forced pumping is very easy to cause gambling pipes, do not mix with water in the hopper. If the downtime is too long and the downtime is too long, the pump should be started every 5-10 minutes in order to prevent the gambling pipe (the specific time depends on the temperature of the day, the degree of concrete collapse, the initial setting time) from pumping the concrete that has been initially solidified for too long. If the pipeline is not cleaned, the last pumping is finished and the pipeline is not cleaned, the next pumping will result in the gambling pipe, so the pipeline should be cleaned after each pumping;

2. Pipe connection causes gambling pipes. When laying pipes, the shortest distance, the least elbow and the largest elbow should be used to minimize the transmission resistance, thus reducing the possibility of gambling pipes.

Use Skills of Concrete Conveyor Pump

(1) Operators and relevant equipment managers should carefully read the operation instructions, master their structural principles, use and maintenance, and knowledge of pumping concrete; when using and operating concrete pumps, they should strictly follow the instructions. Since the operator needs a process to fully grasp the mechanical properties, the instructions should be reserved at random. At the same time, special operating points should be formulated according to the instructions to effectively control some variable factors in pumping technology, such as pump location, pipeline layout, etc.

(2) The ground supporting the concrete pump should be flat and solid; the whole machine should be placed horizontally, and the working process should not be tilted. The outriggers should be able to support the whole machine stably and be locked or fixed reliably. The position of pump should be convenient for concrete mixing truck to enter and exit and feed to hopper, and it should also be favorable for pumping pipes and reducing pumping pressure loss. At the same time, it should be close to the pouring site and convenient for power supply and water supply.

(3) Piping should be allocated according to the characteristics of construction site and concrete pouring scheme. When designing piping, it is necessary to check whether the horizontal conversion distance of piping corresponds to the pumping distance of concrete pump. When piping, the length of pipeline should be shortened as far as possible, and the elbow and hose should be used less. Pipeline laying should be convenient for pipeline cleaning, troubleshooting, disassembly and maintenance. When the new and old pipes are mixed, the new pipes should be arranged in the place where the pumping pressure is high. Pipe layout sketch should be drawn during piping process. Specifications and quantities of various pipe fittings, pipe clips, elbows and hoses should be listed.

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