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Robust pump tube fixing structure manufacturing method

The article Time : 2019-01-14

The utility model belongs to the technical field of construction, in particular to a pump tube fixing structure.

Background technique:we are provide stationary pump pipe,you can buy it.

The construction of concrete pump tube for super high-rise building is based on the experience of using steel frame and scaffolding as the material of the fixed pump tube bracket. Due 

to the different management requirements of the construction site and the safe and civilized construction requirements of each enterprise, various concretes are created. Pump tube 

fixation measures, but often fixed and weak, casualties and other phenomena.

Why the concrete pump tube will burst and burst the solution

When the pump tube is used for too long, the wall thickness is reduced, and the pressure can be unbearable, which will cause the tube to burst. If there is a tube burst, don't be 

afraid. The following is the solution for the tube burst.

1 Welding Strengthening the pipe burst with steel plates, especially at both ends

2 Buy a reputable seller, not cheap, to pursue cost-effective

3 Try to pump with low pressure, do not pump with high pressure

4 The concrete marking is too high and it is easy to wear the inner wall of the pump tube to reduce the service life.

stationary pump pipe

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