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What are the effects of the chemical composition of the pump tube manufacturer on the machinability?

The article Time : 2019-01-20

Under the same cutting conditions, materials with high cutting force and high cutting temperature are difficult to machine, that is, poor machinability; on the contrary, the machinability is good.

Large cutting force and high power consumption. Cutting power or cutting power can be used as an index of machinability during roughing. The cutting temperature is not easy to measure and this indicator is rarely used.

Machinability is measured by the quality of the machined surface. In the case of finishing, the surface quality of the pump tube manufacturer is commonly used as an index of machinability. Surface quality mainly refers to surface roughness and surface residual stress.

Materials that are easy to obtain good surface quality have good machinability; otherwise, they are inferior. It is difficult to measure the machinability with chip control or chip breaking. Any material that is easy to control or easy to break the chip has better machinability. On the contrary, it is inferior.

In CNC machining center and manufacturing system, it is often used. As an index of machinability. Under the same cutting conditions, 45 steel and high-strength steel 60SiMn (tempered 39~42HRC, σb = 1180MPa) were turned.

 60Si2Mn has a chip breaking range narrower than 45 steel, so 60Si2Mn has poor machinability.we are concrete pump parts sellers.
What is the heat treatment for the pump tube manufacturer?
Heat treatment is an important means to improve the microstructure and properties of castings. For most wear-resistant castings, in order to obtain a high-hardness martensite or bainite structure, the wear resistance of the casting is improved. The commonly used heat treatment process for castings is a stress-relieving treatment and a softening annealing treatment to improve the processing properties of the casting.

 When the isothermal temperature is lower than 300 °C, especially the martensite structure is obtained below 200 °C, when the austempering temperature is 280 °C, the metallographic structure is fine needle-like lower bainite + residual austenite + small amount Martensite composition. When the austempering temperature is raised from 280 ° C to 320 ° C, the bainite of the pump tube manufacturer becomes coarser and the retained austenite content gradually increases.

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