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What is the abrasive tool for the pump tube manufacturer?

The article Time : 2019-01-20

The heat treatment of the wear resistant material includes annealing, normalizing, aging, quenching, quenching and tempering, etc. The metallographic structure of the materials in different heat treatment conditions is also different.

Metallographic organization is an important factor in determining the physical and mechanical properties of metallic materials. The effect of metallographic structure on machinability is generally reflected by the mechanical properties of the material. Metallographic structures include ferrite, cementite, sorbite, bainite, austenite, martensite, and pearlite. The wear-resistant castings of pump tube manufacturers are often subjected to annealing, austempering, quenching and tempering. Metallographic organizations commonly have ferrite, martensite, austenite, cementite,bainite and other tissues.

If the quenched martensite is tempered at a low temperature, tempered martensite is obtained. Martensite structure has high hardness and tensile strength, but its plasticity and toughness are very low, and martensite machinability is poor, and grinding is generally used.we are concrete pump parts sellers.
The comprehensive analysis of workpiece material machinability affects the physical and mechanical properties of material machinability. There are mainly hardness, tensile strength, elongation, impact toughness and thermal conductivity. Machining is the most basic and reliable precision in mechanical manufacturing. Processing means.

 Among the main factors such as machine tools, tools, and workpieces that determine the efficiency of cutting, the tool is the most active factor, and the service life or durability of the tool, the consumption of the tool and the processing cost, the machining accuracy and the surface quality are excellent. Inferiority depends to a large extent on the rationality of the selected tool material based on the mechanical properties of the workpiece material and the metallurgical structure.

The continuous emergence and application of new engineering materials for pump tube manufacturers has promoted the continuous development of new tool materials. According to the different requirements of the working conditions, the wear-resistant castings are made of different wear-resistant metal materials.
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