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What are the precautions for the ground pump?

The article Time : 2019-01-15

1. The ground pump conveying pipe shall not be directly supported on the steel bars, formwork and embedded parts;

2. The horizontal pipe of the ground pump should be fixed at a certain distance with brackets, table mats, spreaders, etc., in order to eliminate the blockage, assembly and disassembly 

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3. The vertical pipe of the ground pump should be fixed with the embedded parts at the wall and the top hole of the column or floor;

4. The ground pump pipe shall not be less than one fixed point on each wall and column; it shall be fixed at the reserved hole of each floor;

5. The bent pipe at the lower end of the vertical pipe of the ground pump should not be used as the support point of the upper pipe. It is advisable to have a steel support to bear the 

vertical pipe weight.

6. Ground pump pipe When the vertical pipe is fixed on the scaffold, the scaffold can be reinforced as needed.

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