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​Main principle of pump truck pipeline

The article Time : 2019-05-05

The main principle of the pumping pipeline is to use the high-strength ceramic material to protect the inner wall of the pipeline,and the dynamic mechanical principle is used to optimize the pipeline to minimize the wear of the pipeline.we are provide concrete pump boom pipe and concrete pump reducer pipe,you can know it.

Pump truck pipeline operating specifications:

1.After replacing the new pipe, in order to avoid blocking the pipe, the pressure can be appropriately increased by 2-3MPa; after the 3000-4000 cubic meter is delivered, the pressure will be restored to normal.

2.When conveying gravel concrete, do not fill the top 3000 squares, so that the material in the pipe does not exceed 40%.

3.During the waiting period, the air pump should be used several times to avoid blocking the pipe.

4.After the operation is completed, all the concrete in the pipeline should be output, and then the pipeline should be washed. It is strictly forbidden to wash the pipe with a sponge ball to avoid blockage.

5.When the pipeline is clogged, it is not advisable to strike the pipeline with force. The reverse operation method can be used to eliminate the pipeline blockage. When it is invalid, the pipe should be cleaned.

6.If conditions permit, it is recommended to connect the entire set of pipes to another pump truck to clear them. If the conditions are not available, remove the first arm 90 degree elbow, tap the 3m straight pipe, and take out the blocked concrete.

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we are provide concrete pump boom pipe and concrete pump reducer pipe,you can know it.

concrete pump boom pipe and concrete pump reducer pipe

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