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China Cylinder Piston Mills

The article Time : 2018-11-05

China Cylinder piston Mills

Pistons are commonly made of a cast aluminum alloy for excellent and lightweight thermal conductivity.

Most pistons are made from die- or gravity-cast aluminum alloy. Cast aluminum alloy is lightweight and has good structural integrity and low manufacturing costs. The light weight of aluminum reduces the overall mass and force necessary to initiate and maintain acceleration of the piston. This allows the piston to utilize more of the force produced by combustion to power the application.

Engine blocks are normally cast from either a suitable grade of iron or an aluminium alloy. The aluminium blockis much lighter in weight, and has better heat transfer to the coolant, but iron blocks retain some advantages and continue to be used by some manufacturers.


Cylinder and Piston Drive Engines

The cylinder and piston configuration is a vital part of many types of engines. It is also a form of machine, converting an input force into an output.

A cylinder is typically a tube that is closed on one end. The piston is a solid cylindrical object that slides inside the cylinder. Pressure from expanding gas or from a liquid causes the piston to move within the cylinder. The movement can be used to drive a shaft or turn a wheel.


The Chainsawr's aftermarket piston and cylinder kits are the perfect combination of quality and economy.  Every one of our kits is produced to our higher than standard specifications and inspected by us for correct fitment and quality. We have used and installed every make and model combination we carry on our own saws and repairs here at the shop to absolutely verify that they work and fit well.

The quality of the cut, cast iron rings on our pistons and sold individually is equal to OEM from any premium manufacturer.

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