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Twin Wall Pipe Sellers

The article Time : 2018-10-24

Twin Wall Pipe Sellers

Packaging & Shipping

Packing details: Concrete pump pipe will be packed in  Plywood case or pallet or as your requirement.

Features and Benefits

Lightweight and available in long lengths (6m) making it quick and easy to install;

Ease of installation and the elimination of wastage reduces labour and plant costs;

Fewer joints and longer lengths (6m) assist flow;

Resistant to most naturally occurring chemicals and is therefore suitable for use on the majority of soil conditions;

Can be installed in depths from 0.5 to 10m (Maximum depth depends on ground conditions. Please contact us for advice if burial depth is greater than 6m);

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Full Range of plastic pipe fittings and accessories available

wing the chemical resistance reduces as the temperature increases. Although some chemicals at room temperature for pump pipe does not constitute a effects, but when the temperature rises to a certain degree, 

will cause damage to pump pipe. In the chemical compatibility table must indicate the specific environmental conditions limit, especially the temperature limit, only can be used to determine the chemical 


Because only general common pipe and chemicals contact, and the peristaltic pump pump pipe is under the condition of pressure and chemical fluid contact, therefore, the chemical compatibility of ordinary pipe 

level and the level of the chemical compatibility of peristaltic pump pump pipe can't equate. Therefore, we should only refer to the pump pipe, rather than the general level of the chemical compatibility of 

pipeline and related material, or you will make the pump pipe failure or damage crack leakage, that causes the damage of pump or dangerous accidents. 

Technical Sales Team

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Our Technical Sales Team boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience. They know all about our Groundwork, Drainage and Pipework supplies. Our team comprises a great balance of youth and experience. In turn, 

this means a wide range of skills and expertise with which we can help you, our customers.

All our staff are fully trained. Some even have an impressive 30+ years’ experience in the industry. Purchasing underground Drainage and/or associated products is not always straightforward. So, it essential 

that we are able to help and advise (sometimes with cost-saving solutions) when receiving customer enquiries.

our products already enter international market including South America, Norther America, Southeast Asia, Middle east and Australia, All the customers are very satisfied with our high quality products and 

excellent service. We hope to work with you and build long term pleasant business relationship, you are warmly welcome to visit us at any time. 

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