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The following points should be noted during the cleaning of concrete pump pipe:

The article Time : 2018-11-13

(1) after operation, all concrete in the hopper and pipeline must be output, and then the pump machine, hopper and pipeline should be flushed. The residual concrete output can be used for concrete construction such as tunnel bottom and side wall. The economic method of pipeline cleaning is water cleaning (compressed air cleaning is not introduced in this paper when the sewage cannot be treated), which can clean over 260m pipes at a time.

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(2) notes for cleaning with water:

Performance parameters of pumps used: pressure not less than 4. 3MPa, flow not less than 180L /min.

The upper pipe connection is made of variable diameter pipe, and the packing material (rubber piston, sponge ball, cement bag roll, etc.) must be packed tightly into the variable diameter pipe one grade higher than the conveyor pipe.

The material isolated in the concrete pump pipe is in rapid collision with the pipe wall. Faster transmission pipe wear. In particular, the bend position of the pipeline, because of the change of the speed direction, the impact of some bending pipes on the coagulation is particularly strong. Therefore, the worst wear of these bending pipes is particularly severe at the end of the pipeline, where the concrete is accelerated to the maximum.

And environmental protection arm bracket pipe is no exception. In order to adapt to different operating environments, no matter which industry is currently in the recommendations of environmental protection. The more and more flexible form of arm support has also become one of the product development trends, especially the wide application of the unilateral support leg technology, which enables the pump truck to adapt to more severe or narrow work space. In addition, product operation intelligence, reliability improvement is also the direction of the country's enterprises. At present, most of the products of the engine can meet euro Ⅲ Ⅱ or Europe standard. In addition, the concrete cooling device of arm rack pipe is also a device with high energy consumption and pollution. Replacing water cooling with wind cooling will greatly promote enterprises to reduce cost and save water.

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